Sunday, 17 June 2012

Recent Topshop Purchases!

1. Short Sleeve Sloppy Tee 3. MOTO Bleach Acid Leigh Jeans 4. Jersey Skater Skirt 5. Nails in Razzmatazz 6. Lipstick in Ohh La La 7. VECTRA4 Canvas Studded Slippers 8. Denim Spot Ruffle Playsuit 9. Blue Acid Wash Backpack
I've had a bit of money for once recently and I decided to treat myself to some things from Topshop! I bought a  mix of things, and I branched out and bought things I normally wouldn't, so overall its been successful.
    First off, I've wanted a plain grey top for ages as I thought it would be easy to throw on when I'm in a rush and it would go with anything. As soon as I saw the one above I had to have it! It's such a soft material and feels like it should have cost much more than £14. I got a size 12 without trying it on and although it's slightly bigger than I would have liked it still looks fine. I also saw these socks and as they were 3 pairs for £8 I had to get them! they're quite sweet and cute and I think they can really improve an outfit and brighten it up as an alternative to normal socks. They have loads of different colours and styles so there's a pair for every outfit.
I fell in love with these bleach acid wash jeans as soon as I saw them! However, before I bought them I read some of the reviews which said that they go with anything, although I'm struggling slightly with putting them together with tops and accessories. Apart from that I adore them and would wear them all the time if I could!
    I haven't actually bought a skirt in a while and I was in desperate need of one, so I bought this simple jersey skirt. I really like the length of it as it covers everything! You can wear it high waisted or lower if you want, and it can be dressed up or down!
    The colour of this Topshop nail polish is lovely and I've been obsessed with nail varnishes recently so I had to buy it! It takes a few layers to build it up and achieve a nice effect, although this doesn't bother me as I always apply a few layers of nail varnish anyway. I got the lipstick in 'Ohh La La' as I really wanted a vibrant colour and I was bored of the normal pink colours! This is a lovely coral colour and it goes on very well; it's creamy and doesn't dry out your lips at all.
    I was looking for a pair of shoes that goes with everything and I found the ones shown above! They are seriously my favourite pair right now and I can't stop wearing them. The only thing I've found with them is that the sole of the shoe is a little thin and so if I'm walking about a bit my feet can start to hurt quicker than in other shoes, but it would never put me off from wearing them!
    I bought the playsuit shown during the mini heatwave we had in London recently as I had no summer clothes at all! It's a really simple yet nice playsuit and it really flatters the waistline as it pulls in. When I first bought it the fabric felt a little stiff although after washing, it feels much softer. Lastly, I bought the acid wash backpack as I was desperate for a backpack for so long, and this is the best one I've seen. It's quite big on the inside, and can fit a multitude of things in, so it's handy for sixth form. It goes with almost every outfit and has loads of little compartments for all your little fiddly items! I highly recommend it for anyone who's thinking about getting a backpack.

Thanks for reading xo